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Adventure Makes Us Brave

Adventure keeps our hearts agile and alive. The remnants of adventure form a better life.

Sitting around our family dinner table Gabby turns to her sister and asks,

“Augustine, remember when we all swam across the river at Bass Lake and you were still standing on the other side?”

Everyone at the table laughs and Tristen chimes in, “You jumped in with your eyes wide open.” Leave it to Tris for noticing the details.

We all laugh, including Augustine, although years later she still claims we left her standing alone. That memory is etched in my mind with a clear picture of my littlest one standing in her sparkling speedo, 15 feet across the deep section of river. The day is warm and we are nestled in a cove with trees covering the slow section of water, like a pool between us.

The contrast of hot air made the river water exceptionally cold. I think that was the main deterrent of jumping in, or it could have been the little fish and muddy river floor. We had a plan, on three we go! “One, two, three!” In the commotion, Augustine changed her mind and watched us all swim away from her.

None of us were wanting to return into the cold river so we all coaxed her to jump in and join us. Finally, with child courage and eyes open, she jumped in and turbo swam across the river. We all cheered her bravery.

Small acts of bravery create confidence telling us we can navigate life, even if it means being uncomfortable. Adventure is our practice for being brave. Just a few days ago, now married Augustine went on a backpack trip with her husband and her brother Tristen along with another friend.

They encountered an unexpected, dangerous storm and had to ford a newly formed river. On their way in the waterway was only a stream, but the abundance of rain created a river. She was telling me about her adventure, “I really like doing hard things in nature. It helps me live with more confidence and do hard things in real life.” Wisdom spoken like a seasoned adventurer.

Crossing rivers and taking on life has been going on since ancient of days. In the Bible God tells Joshua and a new generation of Israelites to cross the Jordan River and possess the land. The outcome was worth the courage. Canaan became the beautiful home of the Israelites, a land flowing with milk and honey.

This is the land they cultivated their livelihood with their own hands. The generation before this lived in a barren wilderness and ate manna dropped from heaven. The reason they lived in the wilderness for so long is because they lacked faith and courage to cross the river and do all that was necessary to live in their promised land.

Are there any rivers that separate you from the life you are called to cultivate? Practicing faith through adventure can create brave hearts to live the life we are called to live. Be brave, choose an adventurous life.

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