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Pixels & Clarity

While visiting my daughter on the central coast of California, we watched the sun lowering into the moody blue sea. The colors rapidly changed from shades of pink laced in yellow into a deep intense color palette of pink and orange as the giant orb sank into the sea.

We both snapped photos, of course, but later when we compared our pictures I noticed how crisp and clear her photos were compared to my own. She gave me a photography tip that day. "Mom, when you use your zoom you loose pixels in the photograph."

Pixels, the tiny dots that create an image are the key to great photography. The camera's view finder has pixels to size up your shot, but the finished photograph has a different pixel mechanism. The pixel capability of your camera will limit the clarity of your picture.

This reminds me that our own eyes have a view finder of what we see. We can zoom in for clarity but this does not give us the actual picture. So much of what we observe in our world is not visible through our view finder.

A good photographer will understand the power of their view finder with the limitation of their camera lens. In the words of Jesus he says to remove the log out of your own eye before you can successfully help your brother or sister remove a splinter in their eye.

Developing a discerning eye will produce a life of beautiful pictures that blend together and make a beautiful life. My photography needs some pixel mending so I can create clearer images. Knowing His word increases our capacity of pixel depth, offerings a clear, crisp image of what stands before us.

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